Lockdown has brought about many changes in our lives. It feels really weird to not be going out and playing gigs.
Whether things will be the same again in the next few years is anyone's guess. The changes afoot in Crayolaworld
are legion and when I re-emerge, it will be in a new suit of clothes. The old world is back there behind us. Writing
words of meaning brings new challenges.
I am ok and teaching piano on Zoom whilst this pandemic does its thing. I'm available for worldwide lessons.
Don't be shy, approach me at my teachy site HERE.
In the spirit of being a Teacherman, here below, for your delectation and delight is a chance for you to play along to one of
your favourite Crayola tracks. See how easily it slips under the fingers. 


/ / / / P L A Y A L O N G A L E C T E R N / / / /